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New EM TEST Beijing Office opened

The first EM TEST Representative Office in Beijing has been opened on December 1, 1998. After five years of establishing EM TEST in this very prosperous market EM TEST Beijing Representative Office has changed its location to a new facility. The new office offers the required larger space for all the activities and services supplied. The experienced team co-ordinates the sales and after sales/service business on China, directed by our Chief Representative, Mr. Liu Xiaohua. An entirely new equipped laboratory can handle all maintenance and calibration.

The new EM TEST AG Representative Beijing Office is located at:
Rm 913, Leftbank, No. 68 Bei Si Huan Xi Lu, Haidian District, Beijing 100080, P.R. China
Tel: +86 10 826 76027-29 (three lines)
Fax: +86 10 826 76238
Internet: www.emtest.com

With this new office location EM TEST starts a new area establishing and expanding the already very prosperous business in China continuously and persistent and to represent the Number 1 address for EMC testing.
We wish our Beijing Staff a smooth and good start at their new facility.

The official Opening Ceremony will be held in May 2004.

New OCS 500M6 for Ringwave and Damped Oscillatory Waves

EM TEST has launched a new compact tester for Ringwave and Damped Oscillatory Waves as per IEC 61000-4-12, extending the range of equipment to cover transient test requirements. The OCS 500M6 is the first compact solution to generate Ringwave pulses up to 6kV to also comply with the American ANSI/IEEE C62.41 requirements. The Damped Oscillatory Waves require test voltages up to 2.5kV.
The OCS 500M6 comes with a built-in CDN for tests on mains supply lines. Their current ranges up to 32A, three-phase depending on the selected option. For testing signal/data lines and I/O lines a separate network is available as an option.
The OCS 500M6 also offers the capability to perform magnetic field tests as per IEC 61000-4-10 using a magnetic field coil.
While the unit can be operated manually from the front panel including Standard Test routines the OCS 500M6 has standard RS232 and IEEE488 for remote control by ISMIEC software.

For further information about the OCS 500M6 please click here or contact the EM TEST representative in your area.

New Ford ES-XWT-1A278-AC Specification published

Ford Motor Company has issued a new specificaton to test E/E components and subsystems as of October 10, 2003. Being valid for all new contracts it may, upon written approval by FMC EMC, also be adopted for current components and subsystems. This new specification includes a number of changes and new requirements.
The full standard document can be accessed on the Ford EMC web page.
As always EM TEST is already working on the implementation of the changes and the new requirements. Upgrades to exisiting equipment as well as an updated software will be available in early 2004. New orders will include the new requirements.

Please contact EM TEST or your local EM TEST representative for further information.

CWS 500D Series - Continuous Wave Simulation from 10kHz to 1GHz

The CWS 500 Series covers the test requirements for continuous wave simulation as per IEC 61000-4-6 and related standards for industrial, medical and telecommunication appliances and now also for BCI testing in the automotive and aircraft/military field of applications ranging up to 1GHz.
With the new CWS 500D EM TEST offers a unique compact solution for continuous wave simulation specifically for BCI both requested for automotive and aircraft/military applications. The CWS 500D includes everything necessary to perform tests up to 400MHz, signal generator, a 100W amplifier, the bi-directional coupler and a three-channel RF power meter to measure the forward and reverse power in parallel with injected current signal.
As the built-in signal generator, the bi-directional coupler and the measuring device are rated to operate up to 1GHz the CWS 500D can be expanded by an additional external amplifier to cope with test requirements up to 1GHz.

Check out the technical performance of the new CWS 500D or contact the EM TEST representative in your area.

New Test Equipment for Toyota specification

EM TEST is now ready to supply Load Dump generators to cover the Toyota requirements for TSC 3590G, TSC 7001G
and TSC 7203G. The new test generators cover the following transients:

- Load Dump Test 1, Test 2 and Test 3
- Field Decay including the spark surge test

The new Load Dump simulators accomplish the already established test capabilities for battery supply simulation based on EM TEST PFS 200B series and VDS 200B series. By means of the LD 200S18 and LD 200S19 EM TEST has again enlarged its coverage of Asian car manufacturer specifications.

The two Load Dump generators as per Toyota’s specifications have already been sold to sub-suppliers in Europe and Canada working for Toyota. Other suppliers and laboratories have already shown their interest for these generators.

New Webpage launched

With this date EM TEST has launched its new webpage. With this new webpage EM TEST offers the unique feature of a Product Selector that helps the visitor to find the appropriate solution for his enquiry fast and efficient.
The Product Selector can be used in different modes, searching for equipment based on application areas, based on standards or based on phenomenons. With only three steps you get a list of approriate equipment covering the requirements you have entered.
Download areas are offered under "Service & Support". Documents such as data sheets can be downloaded. You can also enquire a software update directly from the software download page. More downloads will be added continuously. Useful links are given for general EMC or standards information.
Learn more about the Basics of EMC looking at "What is EMC". Information about standardization and phenomenon is given along with a short history how EMC began some hundred years ago.

Complete Telecom Test Rig delivered to Huawei Technologies, ShenZhen, P.R. China

Earlier in 2003 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. of Shenzhen in China ordered a complete Telecom Transient Test System that allows them to perform tests as per Bellcore, FCC part 68 and ITU. EM TEST was selected to deliver a test system which offers test capabilites for 4-wire applications and 12 pair Telecom Ports as per Bellcore and a 10kV Telecom Surge Simulator to meet several ITU requirements and as well IEC 61000-4-5 and FCC part 68. The system was completed by a UCS500M6 ultra-compact simulator and a three-phase cooupling/decoupling network for EFT/burst and Surge tests on mains supply lines with a nominal current of up to 100A.
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. was the first company to place an order with EM TEST for a complete test rig to cover all the major requirements for Telecom testing.

200A Automotive Test Rack delivered to Siemens VDO Automotive, Tolouse, France

Siemens VDO Automotive placed an order for a 200A Voltage Drop Simulator VDS 200B5 and a Load Dump Generator LD 200B to do battery supply simulation for high-power DUT's they manufacture for their principal vehicle manufacturers.

The VDS 200B5 delivering up to 200A of current and up to 60V of voltage meets perfectly with the increasing power demand of car manufacturers and their suppliers to test entire systems of nowadays car equipment. The system is prepared for additional automotive transient generators to be added.

For more informations about the VDS 200B5 please contact us.
NEWS 2003

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