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High-Power Automotive Test Rigs for full Vehicle Testing

EM TEST has received a considerable number of orders for high-power automotive test rigs throughout the second half of 2004. Among these we have seen orders for:

  • 2 sets of 12kVA Battery Supply simulators with an inrush current capability of 1.000A,
  • 1 complete 12kVA test system including PFS200B and VDS200B, all rated for 60V/200A and for the first UCS200M-200A
  • 1 more 12kVA Battery Supply simulator.

As orders have been placed by vehicle manufacturers as well as suppliers this might show a tendency for full vehicle testing during prototype stage becoming more and more important.

Please refer to our automotive products for further information or contact us.


EM TEST Seminars held in Taiwan with Evergo Instruments Inc.

In late October 2004 EM TEST and Evergo Instruments Inc. organised two one-day seminars at ETC in Taipei.

While one seminar was dedicated to industrial electronics, telecom and harmonics & flicker the second seminar gave an introduction on automotive transient testing, battery supply simulation and bulk-current injection (BCI). An overview was given here both on international standards and manufacturer specifications. These seminars have been well attended (more than 150 attendees for both seminars) and were well received.

Harmonics and Flicker as per EN/IEC 61000-3-11/-12 for current above 16A

EM TEST has extended the measuring and analysing capabilities on the DPA 500/DPA 503 to measure and analyse harmonics and flicker as per IEC 61000-3-11 and IEC 61000-3-12. The new firmware and software ISMDPA version 3.11 supports these standards.
But not only the analyser’s capabilities have been extended EM TEST can also supply AC voltage sources and Flicker impedances for measurements and analysis of EUT’s having a current consumption of above 16A up to 75A.

For further information please contact us or your local representative.

Opening Ceremony of the New EM TEST Beijing Office - May 21, 2004

On December 1, 2003, thus exactly 5 years after the inauguration of the first EM TEST AG Beijing Representative Office, our staff has moved into their own premises which allows to expand their activities and to offer even better service than before.
On May 21, 2004 the new Beijing Office has been officially opened with a ceremony held in the Foyer of the new building. More than 50 participants, among them representatives of customers and other bodies involved in EMC, enjoyed the speech held by our General Sales Manager, Mr. Germano Taddio, and interpreted into Chinese by our Sales Engineer, Mrs. Joyce Cao.

The event was surrounded by a Chamber Orchestra playing a nice mixture of classic music. After the official part finished by a tour through the office and light refreshments the guests were invited for dinner hosted by Mr. Liu Xiaohua, General Manager of the EM TEST AG Beijing Office.

New ISMISO 4.0 released

EM TEST has released a revised version of ISMISO for automotive test generators. With this release the standards library has been extended and updated to now include most of the world-wide car manufacturer standards and the latest revisions until early 2004.
Apart from new standards our software team has implemented a couple of new features. Among them we offer an enhanced pulse verification function that allows to include the pulse capture of the oscilloscope into the report. Alternatively the measuring results can be stored in an Excel sheet. Most used standards can be recalled from a separate Favourite's List.
ISMISO includes Freestyle to generate any, even non-standard Micropulses based on the new EM TEST UCS 200M.

For all our existing customers we offer upgrade packages to bring their equipment up to the latest state of development. For further information about the latest ISMISO please contact us or your local representative.

New Ultra-Compact Simulator UCS 200M for Automotive Transient Testing

At the EMV2004 exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, EM TEST has launched its brand new Ultra-Compact Simulator for automotive transients, UCS 200M. This compact tester incorporates EFT/Burst generation, Micropulse generation as per international standards and world-wide vehicle manufacturer specifications and the coupling network to carry EUT currents of up to 200A depending on the configuration.
Apart from the standard test pulses the UCS 200M offers a FreeStyle Mode to allow the generation of Micropulses with test parameters being variable in a wide range.
Any existing EM TEST Load Dump and Battery Supply Simulator can be connected to the UCS 200M to use the coupling network as a common single-port connection point for the EUT.

For further information about the UCS 200M please contact us or your local representative.


EMV 2004 Düsseldorf - A Review

EM TEST had another impressive appearance at this years EMV 2004 in Dusseldorf and was introducing a whole bunch of new products.

The most outstanding products shown were the brand new Ultra-Compact Simulator UCS 200M for automotive transients and the Load Dump Simulators as per Toyota TCS 7001. For BCI testing the redesigned CWS 500D for frequencies up to 1GHz was highlighted.
Bulk current injection was also the topic of the tutorial held by EM TEST AG's Germano Taddio, Markus Fuhrer and Mark Rietz for nearly 30 interested participants.

The entire EM TEST crew had a very busy three-days marathon in Dusseldorf as the booth, very well positioned again, attracted many visitors.

IEC 61000-4-4:2004 Edition 2 - What is all new?

IEC 61000-4-4 is changing. From July 2004 amendment 2 of will become mandatory. Amendment 2 gives new definitions for the characteristics and the performance of the EFT/burst generator and introduces a new procedure for the verification of its characteristics.
But this is not the end of the story. The new draft for IEC 61000-4-4 Ed.2 has been accepted last year. If looking at purchasing a new burst generator now or in the near future you should make sure this burst generator can meet with the latest requirement as given in IEC 61000-4-4 Ed.2. This document gives the details and some background information.

Some brands’ units for sure cannot meet the new specifications and will become obsolete. But with EM TEST you are at ease. All burst generator EFT 500 or UCS 500 from EM TEST can meet amendment 2 of the current IEC 61000-4-4 and also the new requirements as specified in IEC 61000-4-4 Ed.2. Every unit can be verified using our CA EFT kit or via any EM TEST representative and, if necessary, updated to comply with the specification.

If you are interested to get a quote for a new burst generator to replace an obsolete one please contact EM TEST or any of our representatives and ask for an offer.

New CSS 500M10 for Surge Current Testing on Protective Devices

The new CSS500M10 of EM TEST is used for testing protective devices such as gas arrestors, varistors, clamping diodes or zener diodes with a 8/20us surge current pulse. Such devices are tested for their energy absorbing capability in case of activation. The CSS 500M10 generates surge currents of up to 10kA in amplitude.
On special request the CSS 500M10 is available for the generation of other surge current test pulses such as the 10/1,000us pulse or the 10/350us pulse which are typically used for testing protective devices used in telecom equipment.

The most compact design allows the unit to sit in a standard 19", 6HU case. Like any other EM TEST equipment the CSS 500M10 is equipped with both RS232 and GPIB interfaces. For the RS232 interface an optional optical interface is available.
The CSS 500M10 is fully supported by the EM TEST ISMIEC software tool with its large standards library, its versatile test report generation and many more user-convenient functions.

One of the first units was ordered by Teccor - Littlefuse in the USA. More inquiries had been received from various manufacturers of protective devices world-wide.

For further information about the CSS 500M10 please contact us or your local representative.
NEWS 2004

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