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Important certification obtained for DPA 500 Series

EM TEST is very proud to announce the receipt of an important certification from the Russian State Register of Measuring Equipment for our harmonics and flicker analyzers of the DPA 500 series. After passing all the procedures of evaluation the EM TEST DPA 500 series of analyzers are officially recognized as fully compliant measuring equipment for the use of testing products in the territory of Russia and the countries of the CIS.
This certificate is another proof of the quality and performance of EM TEST equipment we are offering in the field of EMC for more than 20 years with our continued efforts to be a leading supplier of equipment and systems for EMC testing.

Trilogy of EM TEST highlights honouring the EMC community in Shanghai

With a trilogy of highlights EM TEST made a very successful appearance during the EMC'07 exhibition in Shanghai (November 22-24, 2007).
The first highlight was the booth set up in the EM TEST corporate design where the numerous visitors were conveniently received and hosted during the technical meetings and talks.
Secondly, EM TEST gave a lecture on the latest standard developments of the IEC 61000-4 series as one part of the congress offering the EMC audience an update about the new requirements. The one-and-half hour speech was simultaneously given in English and Chinese. With officially counted 85 attendees the EM TEST lecture was the best attended event so the organisers said. As we have recognised quite a few attendees from our competitors EM TEST seminars seem to be a valuable source of information not only for our customers but also for them.
Last but not least it was our pleasure to invite the Chinese EMC community for a cocktail party as a gesture of gratitude for the long confidence and loyalty and, of course, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EM TEST. About 65 guests followed our invitation enjoying the delicious food and the amusing entertainment. After a short official speech highlighting the milestones in the history of EM TEST the banquet was opened with the traditional Champagne fountain. A 4-people Chamber Orchestra performed to give the party a decent background. A magician presented his fabulous tricks involving and surprising the audience as well as the organisers. During the evening the attendees gathered to exchange experience and the latest EMC news. At the end of the party each attendee was given a special gift, a pull-over with the EM TEST logo as a memory of this worthy celebration.

Seminar in Switzerland - EM TEST side by side with Schaffner EMC

For the first time in history major expert companies in the EMC domain joined for a 1-day seminary held in Switzerland. Schaffner EMC, no longer holding the EMC test equipment manufacturing and supply, and EM TEST stood side-by-side in front of a numerous audience of more than a hundred paricipants at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne passing on their know-how and expertise.
Complemented by contributions of other experts from the industry and Siemens Schweiz AG, a well-known test house, this event was a very well received and valuable information platform to all attendees.

EM TEST at the EMC 2007 in Beijing

Almost traditionally EM TEST not only participated at the EMC 2007 In Beijing as an exhibitor but also held a seminar running in parallel with this exhibition. Being one of the very few foreign speakers (the presentation was simultaneously translated by J. Tang of our Beijing office) the EM TEST lecture by the Sales Director Germano Taddio was dealing with automotive topics. The presentation was addressing the generation of Load Dump pulses as per various international standards and vehicle manufacture standards in a first part. In the second part the focus was on the simulation of battery supply phenomena such as voltage variation, voltage dips and dropouts required by the different test specifications. A numerous and interested audience expressed a very positive recognition of the provided information and the introduction of the presented EM TEST solutions for these test requirements. The outstanding competence of EM TEST in automotive testing has been well acknowledged.

The excellently designed and well equipped EM TEST booth, not only showing the latest automotive testing solutions but also highlighting the other EMC application areas, attracted numerous visitors among those visiting EMC 2007 in Beijing rendering this exhibition another successful event in the history of EM TESTs growing business and market share in China.

Certificate of quality

Just recently the EM TEST DPA 500 has been awarded the "Symbol of Quality" by the Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology. This award is the result of an evaluation the agency has done along with ROSTEST (an important laboratory and customer of EM TEST in Russia). As per the information obtained more than 100 companies have given samples of their products for evaluation. Among them the EM TEST DPA 500 has been recognised to be the best product 2007.

Know-how transfer in Malaysia

Back in March 2007 EM TEST (M) Sdn Bhd has organised a number of EMC seminaries in Penang and Kuala Lumpur attracting some 150 people in total. The Penang seminars were focusing on automotive EMC and on EMC in the industrial electronics and telecom. The KL seminars were concentrating on EMC in the industrial electronics and telecom field. Attendees came from all areas; industry, R&D centres, test laboratories and Government organisations. The presentations highlighting standard information, explanation of the phenomena as well as information about test procedures and test applications have been very well received and appreciated by the audience. The attendees expressed that they have received premium and profound information about the background of EMC going beyond their expectations. They felt to be given a very good package for their daily work. Know-how transfer at its best – by EM TEST.

BS 200B for transient emission measurements

EM TEST now offers a standalone semiconductor switch built in accordance to the specifications as per ISO 7637-2:2004 for emission measurements of automotive transients. The technical characteristics correspond to the specifications given in paragraph 5.3, section b. Following the guidelines of ISO 7637-2:2004 the BS 200B can be used on either side of the AN (artificial network) as outlined in figures 1a and 1b in ISO 7637-2:2004.
The BS 200B has a peak transient capability of 1,000V and allows inrush currents of more than 500A. The switch ON/OFF time is adjustble between 10ms and 500ms by means of a potentiometer. The BS 200B has three different trigger options; manual, automatic (between 0.1Hz and 1Hz) and external. A monitor output with a 40dB attenuator is built-in to connect an oscilloscope for voltage measurement.
For further information please contact your EM TEST representative.
NEWS 2007

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