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iso.control: The new benchmark of automotive test software

Along with the new generation of automotive test equipment introduced on the 2008 EMV Dusseldorf exhibition EM TEST also launched the new iso.control software for automotive testing. This significant step from the former ISMISO software to the new iso.control includes some fundamental optimation for the easy use of this software, enhanced possibilities in the reporting capabilities, a remarkable extension of the standards data base by about 30 standards and revisions published throughout 2007 and 2008 and the unique ability of this software to be used under Windows Vista.

Standards data base

The automotive standard database is more than remarkable. Nowadays it includes some 150 standards and standard editions of international and national standards as well as vehicle manufacturers from around the world. Even less known and special standard for e.g. agricultural vehicles are part of the standard data base. Favoured by our long-term and good relationships with our customers we get fast access to new editions or new standards that we are eager to implement into the software for our customer's benefit.

Selection of new standards added in 2008

The following list highlights some of the standards and requirements implemented in iso.control:
- Mitsubishi ES-X82010 (Rev. Q, 2007)
- Renault 36.00.808/--J (2008)
- GMW 3172 (Rev. G, 2008)
- Volvo STD 515-0003 (2008)
- Chrysler DC-11224 Rev. A, Addendum (2008)
- MBN 10284-2 (2008)
- ISO/DIS 7637-2 (Draft 2008)
- ISO/WD 16750-2 (Draft Ed.3, 2006)
- PSA B21 7110 Rev. C (2008)
- prEN 50498 (Draft 2008)
- Fiat 9.90110 (2007)
- Toyota 7001G (2007)
- VW TL 801 01 (2006)

Enhanced Reporting Capability

With the new iso.control software our customers profit from an enhanced reporting ability. The reporting is now even more flexible in terms of inclusion of information. The iso.control report configurator supports you best in setting up the reporting tool to fit you needs and requirements for a complete and informative report about the tests carried out.

LinkGenerator for most complex test sequences

iso.control, same as its preceding ISMISO software, offers two different link modes, enabling users to easily compose more complex test sequences based on multiple single tests. The test sequences can either be programmed from standard test files, forming a complete follow up of the various test parts of a complete test requirement. Or the user can create and save specific tests as customised test filed and link them into a single test run. Action boxes can be entered between two test parts guiding the user through the test run if required.

Other highlights

iso.control really offers a wide range of user benefits such as a clearly structured user interface allowing for easy setting up of tests, pulse windows that tell you immediately where your selected test stands and showing all settings of a current test and integrates external measuring devices for DUT monitoring and automated pulse verification with the ability to integrate the results into the test report if wanted.

Who can get get the new iso.control and how?

Customers having EM TEST automotive test equipment from the past generations don't have to worry. The new iso.control software is not just limited to our customers purchasing new equipment today. We also support our many existing customers. Their systems can be updated with the new iso.control software and benefit from the well known and recognised capabilities of iso.control, safeguarding their expenditure done in the past when having invested in an EM TEST system.

For further information click here or contact your nearest EM TEST representative.

EM TEST - Prepared For The Future

New organisation established to ensure continuity and growth

The Riverside Company, the largest Private Equity firm focused on small and medium size companies, has acquired a significant share of EM TEST Group. Several senior members of the second management level have coinvested alongside Riverside and now form the new group of owners together with the founders Harald Kunkel, Uwe Flor and Germano Taddio.

The EM TEST Group consists of EM TEST AG located in Reinach (Switzerland), EM TEST GmbH located in Kamen (Germany) as well as the EM TEST AG Representative Office in Beijing (P.R. of China).

By means of the new organisation and the prosperous financial structure of the EM TEST Group a new platform has been laid out as the basis of a clear strategy of growth from inside as well as by add-on acquisitions leading to synergy effects.

A first impression of the innovative EM TEST Group was given to the public during this year's International Symposium and Congress on EMC in Düsseldorf, Germany (February 19 - 21, 2008). Apart from a range of brand new products like the CWS 500N4, the first compact low frequency generator for testing common-mode disturbances as per IEC 61000-4-16 and related standards, EM TEST has been presenting;

- the complete range of products in an entirely new design

- new software packages for the entire range of products,

- fully supporting Windows Vista,

- an extended range of applications,

- increased functionality as well as

- a complete new Corporate Design.

By means of the above EM TEST has undoubtedly manifested its leading position as manufacturer and supplier of test equipment and systems for conducted and transient immunity testing.

20th Anniversary of EM TEST: EM TEST has celebrated its 20th anniversary together with our customers and suppliers during the EMV 2008 in Düsseldorf. Customers had been very much impressed by the EM TEST appearance and the new products while competitors took notice of the overwhelming response of the visitors at the EM TEST booth.


EM TEST at the EMV 2008 in Dusseldorf

The extra-ordinary appearance and booth of EM TEST was again the recognised highlight of the EMV 2008 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Celebrating the 20th anniversary EM TEST had impressed the EMC community not only by the big new booth but even more by an entirely new corporate design.

At the same time EM TEST has been presenting the brand new generation of products for the first time getting overwhelming response from the visitors. The complete range of products is now offering USB interface for remote control. The new generation of software is fully compatible to Windows Vista. And last but not least functionality and the range of applications have been extended to render the equipment ever more versatile for our customer's daily job.

Among the presented products two top highlights were shown and introduced. The revolutionary compact solution for immunity to conducted common-mode disturbances, the brand new CWS 500N4 was one of them. This solution represents the first solution available in a single box design to cover all requirements as per IEC 61000-4-16 and numerous related product and product family standards. Another key product of interest was the new ESD generator up to 30kV, the ESD 30N with built-in sensors for measuring the ambient temperature and the relative humidity in its environment of use to just name two benefits of this brand new product.

EM TEST also held a tutorial about supply anomalies in automotive supply systems complemented by a product presentation about the unique and outstanding AutoWave generator specifically designed to simulate any kind of battery supply phenomena required and specified by the numerous car manufacturer test specifications. Another presentation addressing the design of EMC-proof circuit boards completed the very busy schedule of the EM TEST experts during the EMV 2008.

During the exhibition EM TEST was offering traditional German food and drinks to the numerous customers, business partners, suppliers and relatives having followed our invitation to celebrate the 20th anniversary. In a lounge-like atmosphere many new contacts could be established while existing relationships could be taken care of and refreshed.

NEWS 2008

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