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Requirements for EFT/Burst pulse verification have been changed

The recently published Amendment 1 to IEC 61000-4-4:Ed.2(2004) brings new requirements for the verification of EFT/burst generators. Overruling the former Corr.2:2005 IEC 61000-4-4 now demands to verify the burst pulses individually at each single DUT output without shorting all outputs together. Based on experience this can give entirely different results compared to those obtained by a verification performed in accordance to Corr.2:2005. Each line must clearly satisfy the pulse specification laid out in IEC 61000-4-4.

For more details please download our application note.


EM TEST Group expanding business - Acquisition of Lüthi AG

EM TEST Group continues its growth strategy with the recent acquisition of Lüthi Elektronik-Feinmechanik AG, expanding its position as the leading manufacturer and supplier of EMC measuring and testing equipment in the fields of conducted immunity testing and emission measurement.

Find here the complete Press Release.


EM TEST covers the new Ford EMC-CS-2009 requirements

As of September 2009 Ford have published their latest Electromagnetic Compatibilitiy Specification for electrical/electronic components and subsystems, the EMC-CS-2009 requirements. Compared to the former, but still valid Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AC (2003) there are quite some changes with regard to the test equipment required.

Since its publication date EM TEST was working hard to adapt our test equipment and to prepare solutions for the new or changed requirements. In order to meet the new specification EM TEST is prepared to upgrade current equipment as needed and to offer some new parts as well as an update of our automotive software packages.

For further information contact your nearest EM TEST representative.

NEWS 2010

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