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SOFTWARE: iso.control


iso.control - The highlights

iso.control is the ultimate, high-sophisticated but easy-to-use software tool for automotive testing offering best benefit to its users. The continuously updated and extended standards library is only one of these benefits.

The current version, iso.control 6.2.2, offers:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 (64Bit) and Windows 10 compatibility
  • Up to 100 test files can be linked in a link file
  • Link files can be repeated (number of events)
  • Support of USB, RS232 and GPIB interfaces
  • Extensive library including more than 300 international standards and manufacturer requirements
  • Enhanced and highly flexible reporting capabilites
  • Up-to-date design and navigation
  • Intuitive operation


The standards' update

New standards implemented in the 6.2.x release:

  • Mercedes A 960 001 93 99 (2016-02)

New Devices and Equipment implemented in the 6.2.x release:

  • Keithley DMM 6500
  • Keithley DAQ 6510
  • Tektronix MSO 5 Series (for screendump & measuring)

New standards implemented in the 6.1.x release:

  • BMW BAPP Part 1 (Version 2, 2017-10)
  • Ducati DMH 34-03.001 (Edition 4, 2015-10)
  • JDQ-202 (2015-03)
  • KARMA C1800STA0131 (Revision 2, 2017-07)
  • MBN 10567 (2018-03)
  • Volvo 515-0003 (Revision 5, 2017-02)
  • VW TL 810 00 (2018-03)

New Devices and Equipment implemented in the 6.1.x release:

  • VDS 200N250.1
  • VDS 200N150.2
  • VDS 200Q200.2
  • Tektronix DPO 7354

New standards implemented in the 6.0.x release:

  • CAT EC42 (Version 4, 2015-05)
  • Daihatsu DTSC 7034G (Revision 2, 2016-09)
  • Honda 3910Z-TVA -0000 (2016-08)
  • Honda 7794Z-TA0A-0000 (2007-01)
  • Honda 7794Z-SNAA-0000 (2004-12)
  • Karma C1800STA0130 (Revision 2, 2010-05)
  • Mazda MES PW 67602C (2015-11)
  • Mercedes MBN 10284-4 (2017-05)
  • Nissan 28401NDS02 [8] (2016-03)
  • PACCAR CS0013 (2014-03)
  • POLARIS ENG-SPEC-0183 (2015-09)
  • SAE1455 (2006-06)
  • SAE1455 (2012-08)
  • Volkswagen VW 80000 (2017-10)

Standards implemented in the 5.5.x release:

  • BMW GS 95002 (2012-09)
  • Case New Holland CNH ENS0310 (Revision J, 2012-12)
  • FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) CS.00054 (2015-01)
  • GMW 3097 (2015-06)
  • Ford FMC1278 (2015-07)
  • Ford FMC1278 Rev 2 (2016-03)
  • Hyundai Kia ES95400-10 (Revision P, 2015-07)
  • Hyundai Kia ES96200-00 (Revision O, 2016-03)
  • Hyundai Kia ES96200-00 (Revision O, 2016-03)
  • ISO 7637-3 (2016-07)
  • JCB STD00140 (2014-04)
  • John Deere JDQ 53.3 (2011-08)
  • Mercedes MBN 10284-2 (2015-07)
  • Nissan 28401 NDS02 [7] (2014-09)
  • PSA B21 7110 (Issue E, 2015-09)
  • Renault 36-00-808 / - - N (2016-03)
  • Tesla TS-0000048-03 (2013-05)
  • Tesla TS-0000048-06 (2015-08)
  • Tesla TS-0000243-03 (2015-08)
  • TS EN 13309 (2010-07)
  • VG 96916-5 (2013-08)
  • Volvo 043878 (2014-02)
  • Volvo 31850329 (2014-06)
  • VW TL 81000 (2016-02)

Standards implemented in the 5.4.x release:

  • BMW QV65013 (2012-06)
  • Case New Holland ENS0310 (2013-12)
  • John Deere JDQ 202 (2013-12)
  • Mercedes-Benz MBN LV 148 (2013-11)
  • VDA 320 (2014-08)
  • VW 82148 (2013-09)
  • VW TL 810 00 (2014-04)

New DC sources implemented in the 5.4.x release:

  • VDS 200Q10 (±60V, 10A, no peak, 180kHz)
  • VDS 200Q25 (-15V +60V, 25A, 75A peak (200ms) , 150kHz)
  • VDS 200Q50 (-15V +60V, 50A, 150A peak (200ms) , 150kHz)
  • VDS 200Q100 (-15V +60V, 100A, 300A peak (200ms) , 150kHz)
  • VDS 200Q30.1 (±80V, 30A, 70A peak (500ms), 200kHz)

Standards implemented in the 5.3.x release:

  • BMW GS 95002-2 (2013-07)
  • BMW GS 95025-1 (2012-05)
  • BMW GS 95026 (2011-10)
  • BMW GS 95026 (2013-10)
  • BMW GS 95027-1 (2011-10)
  • Fiat 9-90111-01 (Change A, 2012-06)
  • Honda 8129ZSTX-A0901378_E
  • Hyundai Kia ES39110-00 (Revision F, 2006-05)
  • Hyundai/Kia ES95400-10 (2012-04)
  • Hyundai/Kia ES95682-50 (2012-03)
  • Hyundai/Kia ES96200-00 (2012-01)
  • Hyundai/Kia ES96202-01 (2006-04)
  • ISO 16750-2 (Rev.4, 2012-11)
  • Jaguar-Rover JLR-EMC-CS (Version 1.0, Amendment 3, 2014-03)
  • Jaguar Land Rover JLR-EMC-CS (V1.0, 2013-11)
  • Mazda MES PW 67602 (2007-03)
  • Mercedes-Benz MBN LV 124-1 (2013-05)
  • Nissan 28400 NDS07 [4] (1998-01) with positive pulse C300
  • OEM LV124 (2013-02)
  • OEM LV148 (2011-08)
  • OEM LV148 (2013-07)
  • Paccar CPP0016 (2011-10)
  • Paccar CS0013 (2009-09)
  • Proton PES-6022 (2010-10)
  • PSA B21 7110 (Rev. D, 2012-02)
  • SAE J 1113 - 11 (Revision 6, 2012-01)
  • Tenneco (Revision 4.3, 2012-02)
  • VW 80000 (2013-06)
  • VW TL 81000 (2013-02)
  • VW 82148 (2011-09)
  • and many more


iso.control - Best in user convenience and most up-to-date

iso.control Standard selector
iso.control supports the automotive transient generators and battery supply simulators of the entire 200 series.
The heart of this most versatile software tool is the exhaustive standards library including national and international standards and, even much more important, a very large range of car manufacturer requirements. Standard Test routines are started by only a few key strokes with all parameter settings already pre-programmed. The test window shows the set parameters and the progress on-line during the ongoing test.
iso.control is widely recognised to be the best software for easy, efficient and reliable conducted immunity tests in automotive. It is constantly kept up-to-date with the standards changing frequently. New or changed standards can easily be updated.


User defined test routines to cover individual test requirements

Standard pulse window
In the Standard Pulse window you can select the required test level as requested for the test. All relevant parameters are automatically set accordingly.
User Defined Test routines are easily created and saved in the test files library. User defined test routines based on standard test routines can be created in the Expert Mode from each standard pulse window. In this mode all parameters are open to be changed.


Automated test sequences using LinkFile and EasyLink

iso.control EasyLink
Not only single tests can be performed. Single test routines can be linked together to form a complete test sequence composed from standard tests or user defined tests. This functionality allows fully automated testing combining different test requirements. Entire test installations can be integrated in one single test sequence.
iso.control offers the LinkFile generator based on user defined test routines while EasyLink is a feature that links selected standard pulses together. EasyLink is split into transient test sequences and battery supply simulation sequences. Never before automated testing was easier to achieve. Minimum operator effort for maximum test results, easy and fast, reliable and reproducible.
Moreover, the LinkFile generator allows for entering of custom dialogs if wanted being included in the test report.


Controller for external measuring equipment

iso.control external device setup
No matter if you want to verify the test pulse before conducting a test or to monitor the DUT's behaviour during test iso.control supports the integration of external measuring device via GPIB bus for such purpose. Very few remote control commands are required to set-up your instrument.
The Pulse Check function allows pulse verification before testing. The results are transfered into a separate verification report.
The more complexe an DUT is the higher is the demand for monitoring during the test and control the test based on the feedback received. A test can be stopped at any point a malfunction may occur. Or if less severe iso.control will set a mark indicating where the DUT has failed to operate as expected.


Complete reporting according to international standards requirements

iso.control report
iso.control offers a complete test report of all tests perfomed as required by international standards.
The header includes all general data of the test (e.g atmospheric conditions etc.).
A summary of test results is given.
Test parameter settings are included. Graphics of the test pulses accomplish the parameter settings.
Recorded fail events are stated along with the comments entered by the operator.
The test data is stored in Rich-Text-Format and can be post-processed with any software tool recognising rtf-format (e.g Microsoft Word).
Using respective mask files the test report can be arranged and printed out to comply with company specific requirements.


Testing beyond standard requirements

iso.control FreeStyle
Micropulse and Load Dump test requirements differ widely between the various standards and test requirements. To ensure highest flexibility EM TEST offers a new pulse configuration mode within iso.control based on the hardware abilities of the new UCS 200N and LD 200N. Pulse parameters like rise time, pulse duration and source impedance can be varied in a wide range using a pulse forming circuitry that fully complies with the pulse generation requirements of the new ISO 7637-2.

By means of this new feature Micropulse and Load Dump pulse testing gets far beyond standard requirements.


SOFTWARE: iso.control

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