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net.control - The highlights

net.control is THE software tool specifically developed to cope with today's more and more expanding requirements for AC/DC supply simulation in the industrial area including aircraft and military test requirements. Creation of any kind of waveforms and profiles is as easy as can be. Complex test procedures can be composed in a flow chart considering the operators intervention based on the test results achieved on a partial test.

But net. control is not only designed to generate waveforms. With the net. control you can also measure and analyze arbitrary processes such as harmonics and flicker.

The current version net.control 3 offers:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 (64Bit) and Windows 10 compatibility
  • Support of Ethernet and GPIB interfaces
  • Enhanced library with the actual IEC/EN standards
  • Extended library for DO-160 and Airbus test requirements, including several hundred pre-programmed test sequences!
  • Enhanced and highly flexible reporting capabilites
  • Up-to-date design and navigation
  • Intuitive operation


The standards' update

The net.control includes a large library of more than 20'000 pre-programmed standards and tests. The library is constantly updated with new releases of international, national and manufacturer standards.

Selection of the most common standards:

IEC Standards
IEC 61000-3-2 and -12 for harmonics, all revisions
IEC 61000-3-3 and -11 for flicker, all revisions
IEC 61000-4-13 for harmonic immunity, all revisions
and many others

Military and Avionics
MIL STD-704 and 461
and many others

Automotive (Electric Vehicle)
ISO 21498
ISO 7637-4
LV 123
VW 80300
MBN 11123
and many others

Contact your sales representative for the full list.


Standard voltage profiles pre-programmed

net.control Standard selectorZoom

Mains supply simulation is becoming more and more dominant in todays' testing. A variety of test requirements are set out to ensure troublefree operation of any kinds of electronics in today's highly disturbed and noisy mains supply systems. Supply anomalies like harmonics, voltage variation, frequency variation, voltage unbalance are found in these test requirements.

EM TEST has set-up a library of standards including all test requirements from the relevant standards to be available by only a few mouse clicks.

New requirements are constantly implemented updating the standards library to cope with the growing demands from the market.


Easy to do - numerous standard segments for programed user defined profiles

net.control Segment modeZoom

What ever special profile you will need to test net.control makes your work as easy as possible. The segment mode is split into two sections: the AC Power mode and the DC Power mode.

In the AC Power mode you can chose from a large number of different segment types such as sine wave, sine wave sweep, sine wave up/down, modulation, dip, overswing, sweep on sine, harmonic, harmonic distortion, interharmonic and interharmonic step.

In the DC Power mode segments types such as DC, ramp, square, triangle, sine wave, sine wave sweep, sine ripple, exponent wave etc. are available to program your induvidual profiles and adjust each single parameter as required for your test.
Everything's already there.


Flowchart - Your graphic tool to create test routines

net.control - FlowchartZoom

The flowchart tool allows the user to create his own test sequences with more than one test wave.

The flowchart tool is a very unique highlight of net.control. No other software offers such a tool. However, it is exactly what is needed to create automated tests such as those required e.g. as per EN/IEC 61000-4-13. Based on the class related to the DUT a number of tests need to be applied subject to the test result achieved in the previous test. The relevant flowchart is given by the standard and is directly implemented into the net.control software to allow best user convenience. Based on the result achieved the operator simply continues the test by a simple mouse click. Full documentation of such a test is stored and and transferred into the test report.

The user can create his own flowcharts based on individual test requirements or change an existing flowchart as per his needs. Operation is very simple and intuitive, still very flexible.


TestLink - Composing complete test routines based on single waves

net.control - TestLinkZoom

TestLink is the mode to create complete test routines or sequences based on different test waves. These test waves can be standard test waves, individual test waves created by the user, waves loaded from the library or device files imported to the software.

By means of the LinkTest mode test sequences consisting of up to 999 test waves can be created. This goes far beyond "normal" testing and covers even most complex test requirements. Moreover, the user can insert breaks to display messages created by the net.control software or to enter any comment being implement in the test report.

The LinkTest mode also offers the ability to define global trigger functions superseeding any individual settings made for the single test waves used in the LinkTest file.


Import and export of profiles

net.control - Import functionZoom
net.control cannot only be used to program wave forms and profiles. It can also import data in various formats like CSV, Excel, XML etc.) and manage such profiles.


Documentation and test reports

net.control - ReportZoom
Nowadays each and every test needs to be well documented for reasons of reproducibility and proof of testing. net.control offers an enhanced reporting capability that fulfills every aspect of common QM systems what test documentation is concerned. The test data (both generated and recorded data) is properly referenced and stored in a data base. The report can be exported in different formats like RTF, PDF or HTML etc. User defined forms can be used as a mask file to include the report data.


Software: net. control

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