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What do I need to do EMC tests for?

The reason for EMC testing and certification is not to satisfy bureaucratic requirements by presenting documents and attaching the CE mark based on positive test results - There are the legal aspects and the technical reliability of products and the safety of the users and of all commercial and marketing parties involved that are rather the main reasons for EMC testing. Quality and proper function in its environment at any time, at any place in the world, are the key targets of today's industrial production.
From the very begining, and in parallel with the development of a product, EM TEST provides consultancy and customized service you may need for a safe ande EMC-proof product. Our experts and our labs are at your side to achieve the results allowing to claim compliance of your product and to assure that your product is a quality product susceptible enough to withstand the rough EMC conditions in the field.

EMC is not a need, it is a must under the aspect of quality. EMC is not expensive if it is properly considered as a part of the product development.


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