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International directives and standards are very strict about the quality, the performance and the safety of a product on the market. Insufficient, wrong or obsolete EMC tests and faulty or incomplete documentation may result in expensive consequences. There is no doubt; any manufacturer is kept liable for damages of all kind and for the production downtimes of his customers caused by any of his products in the field failing due to EMC problems. Hence EMC testing should be seriously considered as an important task. It should not been see as a pain in the neck but as a part of a product's quality.

Not all maunfacturers have a sufficient knowledge in EMC nor have their own test equipment at hand already. For this reason, the EM TEST testing laboratories and engineers offer you all the support needed for what ever EMC related task. With our many years of experience we can guide you from the first design stage to the fully-compliant product.

Team up with EM TEST - and you have the EMC expertise in your boat.


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